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Active Slaughter
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  • Artiste: Active Slaughter19784
  • Chanson: Rapist
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Textes et Paroles de Rapist

Violating her body,
wanna show you're somebody
who's got power,
she'll never be able to shower
your disgusting mark away
fucking kill you one day

You've got a disease,
of ignorance and abuse
There will never be an excuse,
for what you have done
pathetic piece of shit,
You're nothing more than scum

He's a rapist,
he deserves to fry,
Rapist fuck off and die
Rapist ruined her life,
Rapist fuck off and die

Don't wanna know what drives you
I wanna see justice.
The law ain't gonna solve this,
The only way I'll help you
is by giving you a gun,
You cant undo what's been done.

What you did was worse than death,
When you've made lives a mess.
You don't care about anyone else,
The world don't revolve around your self
Hope your head gets kicked in
on the floor in your prison

You cannot undo what's already been done.
We'll make no excuse for you rapist scum.
When we catch you you'll be done.
You'll never ever get far on the run.
Pathetic piece of shit nothing more than scum.
You'll never ever get away with it.

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