Paroles Beautiful Dream de Adam Ant

Adam Ant
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  • Artiste: Adam Ant19807
  • Chanson: Beautiful Dream
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Textes et Paroles de Beautiful Dream

She was kissing my back and my neck and my face
I was looking around for the perfect place
To lay down beside her and say maybe
This is the time to make babies

Prettiest girl that I've ever seen
I look at you and I think it's a dream
I love your voice and your sexy body
Let's go deep inside into the love stream

Face like a picture in a gallery
Her legs were long and slim as she walked up to me
Wide at the front and wide at the back
Her hips were curved only her stomach was flat
An IQ of 690, everything one woman can be

Push push cos I like it like that
So I push push and then she pushed back said
Don't stop it's never felt better
I think I'd like to carry on forever

Beautiful dream more than a dream
In effect in a love stream love power
It was a beautiful dream more than a dream
In effect in a love stream love power

Love and hate will never be friends
This is a dream I don't want to end
I'll be your friend I'll be more than your friend
This is a love I must defend

Slow slow and it grows it grows
Fast fast and it lasts it lasts
On top till you jump right off
Underneath don't stop don't stop
And when it's time to change position
We gotta make a big decision
Already did this once before
Let's get off the bed and onto the floor

Hey emotion, love, devotion
Sex is emotion in motion
Hey emotion, love, devotion
Sex is emotion in motion
I think I'd like to carry on forever
Let's fire it up!

This is a dream whose time has come
And you and me are the only ones
To take it on to the special place
Let me touch your mouth let me kiss your face

One and one and one make two
Sleeping together like dreamers do
We look to love to make something new
Darling darling it's all you

It's sex that sets your mind and body free
I'ts sex stay away from the HIV
Sex open the lock if you got the key
Sex made you and sex made me
So let's turn it up let's turn it down
It's better the second time around

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