Paroles Kiss The Drummer de Adam Ant

Adam Ant
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  • Artiste: Adam Ant19807
  • Chanson: Kiss The Drummer
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Textes et Paroles de Kiss The Drummer

In for a penny in for a pound
If she walks by you better turn around
She wants sparkle and she don't give a damn
As well be hung for
A sheep than a lamb

So be her Daddy
She hits back
Kiss the Drummer

Got to learn to laugh at this
Laugh and enjoy herself
Miss Fierce Kiss the Drummer
Little by little, bit by bit
Love stood laughing at this locksmith
She may be wrong, and she may be right
But barking dogs they
Seldom bite

In the panic and the traumas
Miss Fierce puts a bee
Fierce Legwarmers

When men think big
And by golly they do
Don't wanna go crying
Boo-hooing at you

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