Paroles Strip de Adam Ant

Adam Ant
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  • Artiste: Adam Ant19807
  • Chanson: Strip
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Textes et Paroles de Strip

It's at times like these the great heaven knows
That we wish we had not so many clothes
So let's loosen up with a playful tease
Like all lovers did through the centuries

We're just following ancient history
If I strip for you will you strip for me?
We're just following ancient history
If I strip for you will you strip for me?

When it gets so hot the end of the day
You may find your clothes getting in the way
If a pretty dress hides your true desire
Fold it nice and slow, throw it on the fire

We don't need to see what the butler saw
Or a mirrored room with a mirrored floor
All those sneaky looks gazing down on you
Are no substitute for our rendezvous

If you think it's cheap or a bit risque
Please don't say a word I'll just slip away
I am not a man who believes in lies
Like an octopus with big x-ray eyes

Don't freeze up girl, you're looking quite a sight
Be generous, I want it all tonight

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