Paroles Mythic Descendant de Adramelech

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  • Artiste: Adramelech18595
  • Chanson: Mythic Descendant
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Textes et Paroles de Mythic Descendant

The goddess of earth
poisonous snakes
as her skirt

Severed arms
ripped off hearts
skulls of sacrifice
on her collar

Aztecs - her faithful people
battled - to keep her satisfied
prisoners as their offering
pleased the goddess of mother earth

This cruel goddess
was now pregnant
magically fertilized
the coming god of gods

Descendants in unbounded rage
angry at their mother
they went to kill the infamous one

Fourhundred descendants
followed her to a cave
cruel end of goddess of earth
was soon to come

As the children attacked
the child was born
dressed and armoured
he came to this world

Against his brothers against his sisters
for his mother he fought so well

He saved her mothers life
killed many of her own

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