Paroles Oh Daddy de Adrian Belew

Adrian Belew
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  • Artiste: Adrian Belew19911
  • Chanson: Oh Daddy
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Textes et Paroles de Oh Daddy

Oh daddy, when you gonna write that big hit?
Oh daddy, when you gonna hit it real big, real big?

Well, now that's a tall request
for such a small little girl
but I'll try, try till I get it just right
'cause I'm gonna make it, maybe even twice

Oh daddy, when you gonna make it to the big time gig?
Oh daddy, when you gonna blow off the lid?

Well, it's like a backstage pass into paradise
there's a long lonely waiting list
but I'm gonna give it everything I've got to give

Oh daddy, when you gonna be a big star?
I got the suit and a pink guitar
Oh daddy, when you gonna break it wide open
I don't know but I still keep hopin'
Oh daddy, are you gonna make a million bucks?
All it takes it a whole lotta luck

Oh daddy, when you gonna have that fat Cadillac like you always said?
Oh daddy, when you gonna put on some stretch pants, yeah?

Well, don't hold your breath 'cause it'll make you blue
but the whole opera's not over yet
and I aim to make the fat lady sweat

Oh daddy, how you gonna make it to the top?
All I know is I'm not gonna stop
Oh daddy, what are ya' gonna buy your little girl?
Hey, I'm gonna getcha DisneyWorld
Oh daddy, you could hit the jackpot yet
Like I told now don't hold your breath
Oh daddy daddy, Oh daddy daddy
I'm gonna buy you DisneyWorld!

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