Paroles Rapefruit de Aeons Of Old

Aeons Of Old
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  • Artiste: Aeons Of Old42231
  • Chanson: Rapefruit
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Textes et Paroles de Rapefruit

I feel my hunger coming
It's getting dark outside
My hands are starting to itch
I have to kill tonight
I'll find my helpless victim
Just as the night before
Deserted subwaystation
Is my source for nameless
I lure the poor girl right into my house
My violent hands rip off her shabby clothes
I let my tongue caress her naked body
While my knife slowly cuts into her cunt
The naked corpse lies lifeless on the blooded table
The smell of death is spreading all around the room
The mutilated body shakes when I penetrate
Her cunt is wet with blood, my dick bores deep inside her
After fucking her over and over again
I take my axe to slash the corpse into pieces
I tap the blood and keep it in an iron barrel
The meat in cubes I put in the refrigerator
The cubes I sell as horsemeat
The blood I mix with fruit
My shop is making money
O god I love my job!!
The people eat my victims
The blood they drink as juice
I introduce a new brand:
And call it Rapefruit

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