Paroles Supreme Lords Of Mankind de Aeons Of Old

Aeons Of Old
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  • Chanson: Supreme Lords Of Mankind
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Textes et Paroles de Supreme Lords Of Mankind

Behold the minions of darkness
Subjects to the Three Relentless
Who rule their hellish stronghold
With terror and cruelty untold
Terror, invading your soul
Destruction, killing us all
Hatred, unleashing His rage
Three Brothers, of unknown age
Caught within dungeons of deep earth
Becoming demon through rebirth
The angel cripples a dark path
His wings torn off by Hatred 's wrath
Brethren put under a vile curse
Feasting upon sepulchral meals
The undoing of the universe
The bad omen Destruction seals
The Hidden planning intrusion
Nightmare that Terror shall fulfill
Anguish, edge of illusion
Fears of man made flesh by His will

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