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Africa Unite
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  • Chanson: Mind Rape
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Textes et Paroles de Mind Rape

Where brain wash ads form rules
dissolvin' right into wrong
if you unglaze your eyes and see
though billions of dumb scenes screamin' out of your TV
the idiot box show ain't reality

Tricks and lies are coming
they try to steal your youth
you don't ever drop your guard
stay alive
wake and scream the truth
don't let them rearrange your mind
they're chainin' up your soul
cause their control is outta control

Rit : Keep on creatin' your now generation
pushin' forward culture to be free
rules of business never draw your dreams
keep on checkin' know your enemy

Marley singin' rebel music
words keep on cracklin'
critical mass under camera light
fight n' die another way
there are so many questions with no answer
they got nothing to reveal
the shadows of the power now are pushin'
fast food light

We've no time to loose
you got watch out
this age of mind rape
a blinding blizzard of stupidity
get it right
you got recall your history
things sometimes comes again
no massive warlord miracle will fuse all religions into one

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