Paroles Justice On The Tears de Agent Black

Agent Black
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  • Artiste: Agent Black42462
  • Chanson: Justice On The Tears
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Textes et Paroles de Justice On The Tears

For the long while we were missing many things so real
Rape, steal, murder for a little pleasure
Cry out of hopeless echoes in my dream
They sell their souls so easy to tyrant

Hear the scorn in tranquillity
The masqurade of the blind Satan

No there's no reason
This is the symbol of death
Ruin the shiver fools giving operation
Destiny is calling "Raise your fist in anger"
The moment of forced my holy land
-Justice on the tears

Ripped ghosts of the past
The maelstrom rages on
The enemy is myself, bloody torture
I'll never seen the sunrise cause of darkness
Blood, sacrifice, metal! hatred remains

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