Paroles Adore de Agua De Annique

Agua De Annique
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  • Artiste: Agua De Annique41208
  • Chanson: Adore
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Textes et Paroles de Adore

A stone puts the face of love
Towards the whisper of this ghost.
Before you evade your times
You will be mine
And I've been here all this time.

Closer, I'll make you mine
Waiting for this hole in time.
Only inspiration,
Will I let you forget
That I've been here all this time?
And get up and see yourself,
I've been here for hours.

I adore, adore adore.
I adore, adore adore.

Please, drag with something
When you try to hide.
It's so cold the wind while you run
And I learn how to forget.

Sometimes I think that I really care,
Wish for eternity to run the way.
I dream about places I used to fear
And I believe it's meant to be.
When you wave down on this train
I get up and see myself
Chasing you far.

I adore, adore adore.
I adore, adore adore.

Don't you just forget
That I've been here all this time,
Then get up and see yourself,
I've been here for hours.
Oh, when I try to hide
You're waiting all this time.

I adore, adore adore.
I adore, adore adore.
I adore.

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