Paroles Holies Unholies de Aion

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  • Artiste: Aion4916
  • Chanson: Holies Unholies
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Textes et Paroles de Holies Unholies

So many tears and pain in the name of a God
So much sorrow and fire in the name of a Lord
With the name of God spoken out
We hurt our fellowmen
We've been doing it for ages
I feel sad

People's holiness is infite while
Their tolerance is slight
But religion means mutual
Confidence love and help the other
Even unsaint man
Unfortunately the faith is just A beautiful
Cover under which
The falisity - evil lies in wait

I feel sad

One there'll come the day when
The soul clear people remain
They'll carry the light in their hearts
And kindle love again
The days of truth and tolerance will come
I have faith in it !

One there'll...

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