Paroles Tir Na N'Og (Forgotten Rites) de Aisling

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  • Artiste: Aisling42834
  • Chanson: Tir Na N'Og (Forgotten Rites)
  • Langue:

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Textes et Paroles de Tir Na N'Og (Forgotten Rites)

Strenght has abandoned me
I let the energy embrace my wounded soul...
The power of the thunder
and the violence of the lightning

Two splendid war - horses for my ancestral essence
Conveyed beyond the horizon
where winds of death And chained spirits
are guardians of the lonely reaper

Death, solitary creature
Pure holocaust in perpetual motion
Thorny portal, deliverer of our dreams
Towards the eternal reward

I swim, fearless, in the shadows of the world,
once land of my people
and summon the season Of a thousand conquerings

Oh sweet, heatenish moon,
Enlighten my path and reveal me
the secrets of your face
Mother Nature, rise from the icy waves
Unleash Lugh s power, thy kingdom come,
Sacrifice your executioners
and realize my obscure desire
(I will wait for your call to be immortal
I want to breathe the divine essence
Forever imprisomned within you)

Circle of freezing stones
forged by the primordial light
(Witness to the neverending cycle,
here the ancient Gods rest)
It s time to die... It s time to die

The conscious spirit makes me stronger,
Mind is free and pure now
The sacrifice awaits for its chosen victim
Infernal plot of a bloody divinity
Unknown powers are chaining me...

Blood flows from the altar
On the throne of death life reborns
Forgotten rites and magic dances reawake
While winter takes possess of time,
Rain and scorpions fall from the sky
I sink beyond the enchanted circle...

Darkness is all I can remember
A martyred body is laying before my eyes
I am victim or druid...

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