Paroles Aladdin's Lamp de Al Jarreau

Al Jarreau
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  • Artiste: Al Jarreau18762
  • Chanson: Aladdin's Lamp
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Textes et Paroles de Aladdin's Lamp

Just beside the door
the bold and certain hand
That turned the dragons trembled
He touched the Holy Lamp
and faintly saw his feet

And just beside the door,
his pure uncertain tears
The burden fell so tender
and in the darkest night a
rose grew by his feet

Stand beside me now,
I've been in your place
And you've been in mine
And the only difference
is our space and time
And the only light is
somehow in the lamp
That's at your feet
Why can't you see?

But ain't it high,
ain't holy when you see?
And it's just times when
I'm weary worries me
Don't you know how Aladdin's
lamp guards the night
Ten thousand clandles beam
The silver stream you're
searching for

Oh, friend, the words are true
I want to offer them to you.

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