Paroles Had It Not Been You de Alan Jackson

Alan Jackson
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  • Artiste: Alan Jackson3511
  • Chanson: Had It Not Been You
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Textes et Paroles de Had It Not Been You

The girl's wouldn't look anything like they do
Can't imagine my life without dresses and shoes
Or never taking a sunset from a front porch swing
Or make any sense of the pleasure love brings
I'd been alone for sure
Had it not been you

I wouldn't reach for your arms
When my dreams don't come true
Never sit holding hands
On a crowded church pew
I wouldn't smile when my fingers run through your hair
Or laugh when we race to the top of the stairs
I'd get old for sure
Had it not been you

You know there are times
That I can't wait to pick up the phone
When you're callin'
And the three little voices
That always chime in right along
When we're talkin'

Oh I never would see through
eyes of truth
And my heart
would have overlooked
a view that some just talk of
and never find
In a lifetime

It's hard to describe
in just words how I feel
when I hold stand beside you
But I make it known
It's just time that I kill
When I'm alone and without you
I will love all through the night
If you love me
As long as I wake up each morning
I'll know I'm the only one around
For a lifetime

I'd never have taken in a sunset from the front porch swing
Or make any sense of the pleasure love brings
I'd been alone for sure
Had it not been you

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