Paroles Monday Morning Church de Alan Jackson

Alan Jackson
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  • Artiste: Alan Jackson3511
  • Chanson: Monday Morning Church
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Textes et Paroles de Monday Morning Church

(Brent Baxter/Erin Enderlin)

You left your Bible on the dresser
So I put it in the drawer
'Cause I can't seem to talk to God without yelling anymore
And when I sit at your piano
I can almost hear those hymns
The keys are just collecting dust<a href="">Testi Canzoni</a>
But I can't close the lid

You left my heart as empty
as a Monday morning church
It used to be so full of faith and now it only hurts
And I can heart the devil whisper
"Things are only getting worse"
You left my heart as empty
as a Monday morning church

The preacher came by Sunday
said he missed me at the service
He told me Jesus loves me
but I'm not sure I deserve it
'Cause the faithful man that you loved
is nowhere to be found
Since they took all that he believed
and laid it in the ground

Repeat chorus

I still believe in Heaven
and I'm sure you've made it there
But as for me without your love, girl
I don't have a prayer

Repeat chorus

You left your Bible on the dresser
so I put it in the drawer

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