Paroles Strong Enough de Alan Jackson

Alan Jackson
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  • Chanson: Strong Enough
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Textes et Paroles de Strong Enough

(Adam Wright)

I just took your picture off the table
And I just took your picture off the wall
Hide from you anywhere I'm able
But there's one place I can't hide from you at all

Tennessee, you don't make the whiskey
California, you don't make the wine
And Mexico, you don't make tequila
Strong enough to get her off my mind

Memories seem to know just where to find me
And lately they're all that I recall
And everything in this old house reminds me
Of the love I had and how I lost it all

Repeat chorus

Days go by and I still feel the sorrow
And time don't make a difference in the pain
Just sitting here and waiting on tomorrow
Will drive me crazy if I don't go insane

Repeat chorus

Strong enough to get her off my mind
Strong enough to get her off my mind

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