Paroles Toxicnology de Alcoholika La Christo

Alcoholika La Christo
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  • Artiste: Alcoholika La Christo31715
  • Chanson: Toxicnology
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Textes et Paroles de Toxicnology

Desolate - Desolate
Everything is so alone
Lake of fire, ever where is full
Of pain, full of pain
Everyone and every place
Has become a burning hell

Now it's for you this world
Fall in pain
Intoxicated - Intoxicated
You are praying for your life
For your life

In this toxic war - toxic war
It`s the end of human kind
Human kind
You pray
It s the end it`s the end
Everybody has to die
Has to die
To eliminate your enemy
Enemy now

Now it's for you this world
Fall in pain
Intoxicated - Intoxicated
You are praying for your life
For your life

It`s time
This is end now
You are the only one that
You destroyed us

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