Paroles American de Alexipharmic

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  • Artiste: Alexipharmic9036
  • Chanson: American
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Textes et Paroles de American

Rich get richer and the poor stay stuck
And in the big picture we all turn to dust
All of us claim the system's corrupt
And all of us scream "In God We Trust"

Open your eyes on the American Dream
Where the sun beams on the beauty between
On the roots that make this whole life pristine
Corner to the countryside, peasants to kings
40 some million stonewalled from health care
Liberal millionaires advocating welfare
Pro-life "rights" supporting capital punishment
And apathetic college kids who whine about the government

Rich get richer and the poor stay stuck
And in the big picture we all turn to dust
All of us claim the system's corrupt
And all of us scream "In God We Trust"

Born from the blood, sweat, and tears of immigrants
And the stardust that gave us our innocence
The downfall's the colossus of war
Where we don't have a clue what the hell we're fighting for
How many more Atefahs is it gonna take?
Until we awake and realize that hate
Ain't our necessary fate and take responsibility
For the world we wanna create, it's not a sin to be
Whatever you are - don't be a wannabe
All you gotta do is be what you wanna be
And bend with the shots in a land where Tarantino's
Deified and sex is evil
I'd rather have my kid make love for a living
That's a lot better than making a living killing
How we treat our troops' homecoming is evidence
We need to go back to holding memories like elephants

Rich get richer... poor stay stuck
We all turn to dust... In God We Trust

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