Paroles Lay My Burden Down de Alison Krauss

Alison Krauss
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  • Chanson: Lay My Burden Down
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Textes et Paroles de Lay My Burden Down

Gonna lay my burden down
Gonna lay my body in the ground
Cold clay against my skin
But I don't care at all

Can't seem to find my piece of mind
So with the earth I'll lay entwined
Six feet underground
My feet are warm and dry

When I get to the other side
I'll put your picture way up high
But I'm not coming back to you
It's just too far

If I was cast off on the sea
Would you com and look for me
Or would you just let me sink
Beneath the waves so blue

What if I had learned to fly
Fly all night till day drew nigh
Touch down upon a branch and
Scan the crowd for you

When I touch my feet on the land
I'll kiss your lips and take you in
But you know I'm not here to stay
It's just too far

Darling can't you hear me cry
My bones are broke
My tongue is tied
The moon is swaying back and forth
Against the navy sky
Is all I can see
My body is trembling on my knees
Just have a little mercy on me
Run away and hide

When I sleep the angels sing
But I cannot hear a thing
Eyes close
Dreaming of better days gone by

When I wake the trumpets play
And I'm standing at the gates
Fall down and joy
I know my race has just been won

When I was young my momma would say
Well live is hard, but that's OK
If you can make it through the day
It's not that far
No, it's not that far

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