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  • Artiste: All17666
  • Chanson: Greedy
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i'm greedy, it's what it gets down to i'm greedy, when it comes to you i get lonely, with just one skin i need many, to fill the within i'm friendly, to get what i want i don't need you, to tease...

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Stranger We belong in a world that's too strange for this world Stranger We do long for a fatamorgana dream world Where people love each other greedy in love Greedy in love Stranger touch my face to prove...

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Griselda is greedy, I'm sorry to say. She isn't contented with four meals a day, Like breakfast and dinner and supper and tea (I've had to put tea after supper-you see Why, don't you?) Griselda is greedy...

Textes et Paroles de Greedy

everyone's greedy that's how society got this way everyone's greedy it's all about more for me you say you don't care about money how do you get a loaf of bread or other shit that you use everyone's greedy that's how society got this way everyone's greedy it's all about more for me me me if you're telling me you're not greedy then you can give me all of your stuff i could use a car like yours everyone's greedy even you and your buddies everyone's greedy it's just human nature we'll see how long you last without your stereo everyone's greedy it's all about more for me no one cares if i die destitute under the park bench

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