Paroles (Part 5) Veneer de All Hallow's Evil

All Hallow's Evil
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  • Chanson: (Part 5) Veneer
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Textes et Paroles de (Part 5) Veneer

If you were given the choice,
would you stay for the ride?
Or do you think we should run and hide?
I may not be perfect,
but say what you will
No one goes anywhere just standing still
You know that feeling when it's finally done
and it turns out the journey was all the fun
And how you never see that coming 'til you're at the end
and it's too damn late to start again

So when you find what you came to see
Remember, when you get what you want,
you may find what you need

Hearts break and bodies shake
This isn't a race to see how much you can take
And I know life is a war, but there's something more
So don't go thinking no one's been there before
You can always run away, but I'll be right here
If you'll let me stay
Now just look in the mirror and say it's okay,
then at the end of the day rip the veneer away

Things are different after 12 am
and that sinking feeling's sneaking up again
But those same things are different now
and this time I'm not sinking down
I'd say I love you, but it's not like before
and I'd say I miss it, but I don't anymore
Because roads twist and paths appear
but sometimes anything's better than just standing

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