Paroles (Part 6) Broken, But Learning de All Hallow's Evil

All Hallow's Evil
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  • Chanson: (Part 6) Broken, But Learning
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Textes et Paroles de (Part 6) Broken, But Learning

There are things you can't take back
There are places you can never leave
There are things you don't forget
There are places that you shouldn't be

...but what's the fun in that?

I may not know the way today,
but the journey is through once it's shown to you
And if I didn't look for answers,
what else would I do?

There are some things you won't leave behind
There are some things you refuse to find
All may be damaged that stands before your God
But nothing's beautiful until it's flawed

Don't miss a bridge 'til it starts burning
Can't fight the tide 'til it starts turning
I'll never be more than what I am
I'm broken, but I'm learning

Now at the end of the road, I'm beginning to find
It's not where you go, it's what you've left behind
and the scars don't mean a thing right now
it's the stories that make them mine
'Cause not everything is in plain sight
and not a goddamn thing's in black and white
You're the one not screaming
You tell me if I'm all right

Do you know what it means when all you've loved is a lie
and everything around you is starting to die?
Just enjoy it and go along for the ride
It's another day just passing by
Now every bridge is fucking burning
and every tide is fucking turning
What a great day to be alive!
I'm broken, but I'm learning...

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