Paroles There's Always Suicide de All Hallow's Evil

All Hallow's Evil
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  • Chanson: There's Always Suicide
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Textes et Paroles de There's Always Suicide

Consider this my epitaph
Because I won't be coming back
It's just an elegy
Of what was never meant to be
And the things that never were
For me

But it's the same thing they all say
To make the torment go away

Everything has got to come to an end
Except for pain, but let's pretend
Everything is perfect,
We'll be safe in isolation
So far away from the devastation

But how does it feel when you can tell
That in just one second this all goes to Hell?

If you believed in love
It seems you're wrong
'Cause with just one look
You'll see it's already gone
Now wave good-bye to hope
'Cause there it goes
The smart money was on hate
And it shows
Friends and Family
Now we're digging a grave for them
We'll let them suffer
Then we're digging them up again
And in some time
They'll forget what they've seen
But no one here
Gets out clean

You say I'm sick
But no one's making you watch
Don't have to play
No one's making you stay

You believed in love
And now that you're wrong
What will you do
Now that your hope is gone?
You never thought
That you could fall so low
Well don't you worry
There's a ways to go
I guess it's early
But we're digging a grave for you
And if you're lucky
You won't need it
When we're through
Don't be scared
There is no reason to hide
'Cause in the end
There's always suicide

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