Paroles Redemption For The Innocent de All Out War

All Out War
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  • Artiste: All Out War8479
  • Chanson: Redemption For The Innocent
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Textes et Paroles de Redemption For The Innocent

Victims of damnation, drowning in the lies. Fallen angels of torment, father cease the cries. In our time we've slaughtered the innocent, raped the world in our discontent. God's creation in disarrary, by the father we have betrayed. Need proof, just look to our past, strangled life amidst our grasp. Self destruction we're lost to see, take and take for all our needs. In a time of innocence, we have poisoned the Earth. Destroyed the innocent, disgraced our birth. Revenge upon us by the father's hand. Witness to apocalypse, and the downfall of man. All out war, war. All out war, redemption for the innocent, and the seekers of peace. Ignorance, tomb of the masses reaping the piles inside. Wreaking to divine intervention, by the father's hand. Welcome to the days of affliction, and the downfall of man. Sky's are burning, as blood flows. Lost in torment, our lost souls, creation is in flames. Man's existence, is to blame

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