Paroles Vengeance For The Angels de All Out War

All Out War
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  • Artiste: All Out War8479
  • Chanson: Vengeance For The Angels
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Textes et Paroles de Vengeance For The Angels

Vengeance for their blood. The blood of angels. Downfall of a system that allows the slaughter. I'll reject a lifetime of lies, for just one day of truth. I'll defy the sins of man, as they worship the altar of fire. Crushing all opposition. I'll tear their safe world down. Humanity, spawn of the deceiver. In the flames of hell they'll rot. I refuse the legacy. I will not embrace the lies. Will not bow down to their alter. Won't accept their ideals. I'll bring down the system and destroy all they know. Expose their heroes and I'll watch the whole world fall. Vengeance for the angels, the ones sent to save. Vengeance for the angels, sent straight to their grave. (Solo - Segarra). Slaughter of the innocent, condemned and crucified. Saviors sent to reform - they suffered and they died. Man will suffer and drown in flames.

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