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  • Chanson: Real People
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Textes et Paroles de Real People

Real people aren't good enough, good enough for me
Real people got rejects, blemishes, defects plain to see

Why should I accept your faults
When you won't grant me mine
Real people aren't good enough for me

Real people got traumas, break-ups, hang-ups - look and see
I'd rather stick with self-indulgence, movies and TV

Why should I play along
When you won't let me win
Real people aren't good enough for me

I want perfect tits and perfect thoughts
Built into the script
I want curvier curves, unbreakable nerves
I want perfect sex

Real people aren't good enough for me, good enough for me
So I think I'll just pursue my future caught in fantasy

Real people aren't good enough for me
Real people aren't good enough for me

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