Paroles Herding The Brainwashed de All Shall Perish

All Shall Perish
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  • Artiste: All Shall Perish5794
  • Chanson: Herding The Brainwashed
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Textes et Paroles de Herding The Brainwashed

Such a sick site brainwashed millions
Minions following their leader eating
Up its propaganda Terrified of not
Having their answer in a world
Where people are so blind These
Greedy fucks control their minds
Inbreeding ideals for the weak
I wont follow blindly your faith wont
Bring you shit The cold reality is that
We are born to die no one has
The fucking answers past this life
All the lies that you hold so sacred to
Be truth Are nothing more than a plot
To control you Religion enslaves the
Minds of Those to weak to think
For themselves Sedated with their god
The price that you pay is the life that
You wasted Living up to their standards
Blatant hypocrisy Your answer for
Tragedy Your life is a mockery
If you are scared to think Of living a
Bullshit free life of non conformity
Then Bow to the Deity
Gods are mans worst creation

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