Paroles When Life Meant More... de All Shall Perish

All Shall Perish
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  • Chanson: When Life Meant More...
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Textes et Paroles de When Life Meant More...

I witnessed your death
you gave it up to the rape of indifference
now take those dreams to die.

so can you feel it now?
its just that question of letting the end
be the answer.
now...its pulling us down
these days become years watching
time disappear

again again again
I won't give in.

this is a misfits rejection
of a life in submission

your choice
what life could be

you just sold out quick
talk is some cheap shit
can you remember the last time that your life
meant more than fucking payments?
Know this...I quit!

wealth means shit
tell me what's right...
you got the cash
but you're hollow within
so much worse than that mortal sin

this is it..
this is my life
you can't buy me

tell me I'm worthless because net worth
determines a man
I won't give in

when slave wage brings chains made
to keep you conformed cause they can
I won't give in

I'll keep on struggling
Because that's the measure of a man


Your dreams are disavowed
so you must feel it now!
it's just that question of letting the end be the answer.'s pulling us down

these days becomes years
watching time disappear

again again and again

I will never let them break me down
these hands will never be bound

in greed you can drown, in greed you can drown

but I will still be dreaming
and I will still be fighting

what more can anyone say? you have lost your way.

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