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  • Artiste: All17666
  • Chanson: Skin Deep
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Textes et Paroles de Skin Deep

I looked your way
You looked your best
Looked like a million
More or less
You were so carefully undressed
But you're just skin deep
And I'm not impressed
You're just skin deep
Just like all the rest
Because you change your mind
Like you change your clothes
Pre-fab perspective, poise and pose
In it comes and out it goes
But it's just skin deep
And that's as far as it goes
It's all done with mirrors
And painted smiles
The hype of style
I looked away
I could have cried
You always have me hypnotized
Sure would like to know what your like inside
But you're just skin deep
And looks can lie
You're just skin deep
So why even try?

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