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  • Artiste: All17666
  • Chanson: Teresa
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Textes et Paroles de Teresa

Teresa, do you want to listen to Ramones with me?
We'll get something to drink and maybe I'll come home with you
Believe me, there's no telling what's wrong with me
Teresa, I know you're still in love with me

Teresa, do you want to listen to Ramones with me?
I got nothin' to prove, but maybe I could be with you
Believe me, I'm not the creep that I used to be
Teresa, I know you're still in love with me


You're almost thirty
And you can't stay in the music business forever
I'm in no hurry
But you can't hold these stupid grudges forever

Teresa, do you want to listen to what I have to say?
It's been a long ten years now of us not getting our way
Believe me, I'm not tryin' to get over on you
Teresa, I know you love me like you used to do


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