Paroles Try de Ally Heman

Ally Heman
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  • Artiste: Ally Heman49852
  • Chanson: Try
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Textes et Paroles de Try

I just wanna trace your fingers
I just wanna make you laugh
I just wanna lose you for a second and watch you come right back
I just wanna bite your lip
Can you tell I wanna drive you crazy
I just want to be together and I just wanna be lazy

I can't stand this
You get me all stressed out
If there is one thing I know
That's not what love's about

But I wanna hear you say you love me
Even though I know you don't
I just wanna make you fall for me even though I know you won't
I've got as good a chance at making this work
As all of the other girls you told you loved before

I wanna wake up next to you
I wanna make you tell the truth
I wanna steal your jacket and wear it all the time

I wanna make it better
I wanna fight with you
I wanna make the stars in line
I wanna win or lose

I wanna love you hate you
And love you again
I wanna pull your hair I want you to meet my friends

I wanna trust you
I need you to trust me back

I want you to take it slow
I want you to walk with me
I want you to sit outside with me and listen to the breeze
I wanna feel the sleepy desk now
And I want you to feel it too
I wanna learn everything there is to know about you


I just wanna make you try
I just wanna ask you questions
I just wanna look into your eyes and make you cry
I wanna make you feel
You don't do that enough
I wanna be the one to make you feel so much
I wanna make it hard for you
I wanna make you tell the truth
I wanna hold your hand and I
I wanna make you happy

I wanna hum
I wanna break your heart
I wanna tell you it's okay
I wanna lie, I wanna lie to you

Just wanna try
Just wanna make you try too
Just wanna to try
Just wanna to make you try too

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