Paroles For The Sake Of Love de Alphaville

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  • Artiste: Alphaville2622
  • Chanson: For The Sake Of Love
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Textes et Paroles de For The Sake Of Love

(Lyrics: Gold-Janey Diamond / Music: Gold-Bloss)

I forgive, I forgive
I forgive all my friends who left me alone
I forgive the wall that it had so many stones
I forgive the lord that he never sent a priest
I forgive the hangman, I forgive the beast
I forgive the winter that it was so cold
I forgive my father that he was so bold
I forgive the ashes that they couldn't stay flames
I forgive the acid, I forgive the rains
I forgive James Joyce that I couldn't read his books
I forgive that you've never given back what you took
I forgive the puzzle that I didn't fit
I forgive the shit that I couldn't write a hit
I forgive the dog that she never came home
I forgive all the ways that they always lead to rome
I forgive the worm in the very last tree
I forgive the girls who haven't forgiven me
I forgive inspiration when it came to late
I forgive all the ladies when I had to wait
I forgive superman that I didn't stay clean
I forgive, I forgive, anyone, anything
For the sake of love, for the sake of love
For the sake of love
I forgive the angels who could never take me high
I forgive all my dreams that I couldn't really fly
I forgive the thought that I couldn't stop thinking
I forgive all the drinks that I couldn't stop drinking
I forgive the clock that it didn't wake me up
I forgive the driver, I forgive the cab
I forgive all the moments that they wouldn't stay
I forgive all the years that they've flown away
I forgive the promises that they've been broken
I forgive the curses that they have been spoken
I forgive all the prophets and the saints of the past
I forgive the stars when they fell too fast
I forgive the joke that it didn't make me laugh
I forgive desire that I had to starve
I forgive all the love for the sake of love
I forgive all sakes for the fake above
For the sake of love, for the sake of love
For the sake of love

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