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  • Chanson: My Business
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Textes et Paroles de My Business

I don't know what the hell
You want to say, now.
Yeah I'm young
But I'm on my fucking way now.
I see haters keep running their mouth
But they know nothing about!
How we roll?, how we live
The way we get down
I know you want
But you never see break down!
Cause we became too strong
And we?ve been holding on
You know for way too long

Everybody's trying to get
A piece of me
In every single way
But nobody wants to see the truth
So all of you can simply fade away!

It's my business
And I can do what I want to do
It's my business
And I give a fuck what it means to you
It's my business
And I can say what I want to say
It's my business
Cause we gonna make it our way

It's my business when you see me shaking
At the club with 5 different girls horny and ready to fuck
It's my business when I pop the don per ion
Don't even take a sip? hold it till the next morning
It's my business I can do what ever I want to do
I don't care man and if you got a problem just fuck you.
I don't need your help homie. I'm just living my live my live is beautiful.
Nice and damn it's tight it's my business.
I've been to places that you never seen yeah I'm young
I'm hot shit I'm just living my dream
It's my business singed my first deal with only 16 now we're back.
Homie don't you know what I mean it's my business.

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