Paroles I Still Love You de Amanda Perez

Amanda Perez
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  • Artiste: Amanda Perez2958
  • Chanson: I Still Love You
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Textes et Paroles de I Still Love You

Tell me why
what did I do?
Just the other night the love of my life went away
and I can't sleep at night it's driving me crazy
Why can't you see that I miss looking in your eyes
Why can't you see that I miss kissing you good night?

I still love you
Please take my hand and let me help you,
help you to understand that aint nobody ever gonna love you like i do
And aint nobody ever gonna do the things i do for you,
cause I still love you

Tell me why when i call you at home
You say your with your friends, don't call no more
Why can't you see the love staring you right in your face
Why can't you see that i don't want no one to come and take your place

[Chorus (x2)]

This is something that i can't understand
Why couldn't you just be my man
And all the love that we given
I don't want it to be wasted
Why can't you face it

[Chorus (x3)]

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