Paroles Sky Is Falling de Ambrosia

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  • Artiste: Ambrosia10086
  • Chanson: Sky Is Falling
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Textes et Paroles de Sky Is Falling

(Pack - Puerta - Chiaravelle)

It's a fine time
To be askin' for charity
We've got babies cryin'
The well's run dry
Hardly make enough to make ends meet
Or keep on the heat

And you want me to talk about it
Like it's up to me to choose
Whether my voice counts I doubt it
You won't see my face
On the evening news

Sky is fallin'
(I don't understand)
(Tell me, what can I do?)
World is callin'
(Just one man)
Where can I turn?, ain't got a clue
(Aaaahh, ohh the sky is fallin')
Sky is fallin'
Time has come
(And I've got bills to pay)
Tomorrow's calling
(I've gotta live today, live today)

It's a hard drive home
Round the corner from the condo town
Living' next to five types of violence
It's enough just to bring you down
Gonna mess you 'round
(Mess you 'round)

And you want me to bend over
To pull the rich man's plow
Yeah, that's the way it's always been
Why should anybody
Wanna change it now

Sky is fallin'
(I don't understand)
(Tell me, what am I to do?)
World is callin'
(Just one man)
(And I haven't got a clue)
(Aaaahh, ohh the sky is fallin')
Sky is fallin'
(I've got bills to pay)
Time has come
(Ooooohhhh the world is callin')
The world is callin'
(I've gotta live today, live today)
(I've gotta live, live...)

And you don't know why or when it's gonna be
(But you heard it's out there waiting)
Do you pull up stakes and leave or wait and see
If it's a false alarm?
Ahhh, Ahhh

There's an outside chance
Ooohh, we could win it in overtime
But the clock is running
Night is comin'
If you're gonna save yourself
Better get off the dime

Sky is fallin'
(Sky is fallin')
(Tell me, what do I do?)
World is callin'
(Well, I'm just one man)
(And I ain't got a clue, ain't got a clue)
Sky is fallin'
(the sky is fallin')
Time has come
(I've got bills to pay)
World is callin'
(Tomorrow's coming)
(I can't turn it around, but I can't turn away)

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