Paroles Fallen From Grace de Amebix

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  • Artiste: Amebix5065
  • Chanson: Fallen From Grace
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Textes et Paroles de Fallen From Grace

The wind of change transformed the plains into the desert
And on the lower levels demons scream delight
Places of worship have ceased to serve the purpose
The age of reason took a ride into the night
Where there were idols there is idleness
Unholy churches light their fires upon the moor
They sealed the pact with blood and honour
The machine spits blood and lurches into war

We have fallen, it leaves such an embittered taste
Erectus is now crawling, we have fallen from grace

There is a black tree in the wilderness
Older than time itself and riddled with disease
It feeds on clotted blood and rotting flesh
The hunger we all seem too willing to appease
When all before you lose their heads into the block
When e'en the proudest bend their knees before the flock
They seek salvation in the depths of madmen's eyes
Knee deep in blood and gore they look toward the skies

They sought the means by which to transform the gods
Burnt the books, created death camps on the way
A new religion from the ashes of the old
A social order one of masters and slaves
They dreamt of everyman, we merely have regressed
Into the animal that can't perceive the will
Look at the embryo, so twisted and grotesque
This is your superman, the legacy to kill

We have fallen, the losers in the human race
Erectus is now crawling, we have fallen from grace

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