Paroles Monster de America

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  • Artiste: America2717
  • Chanson: Monster
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Textes et Paroles de Monster

The monster exposed himself from underground
Burning his face as he ran through the town
Hoping the patrons just don't hear a sound

Heart, court and harmony just ain't the same
My black and their green playing some games
I've got all these pictures I just need the frames

These are the things that you'll never do
Feeding the wife on the phone
And there you are, all on your own

Red and blue, I want to like a hole in the head
It slopes in the middle and is stopping them dead
I'd like to help them; I've already said

These are the things that you'll never do
Running away from your home
And there you are, all on your own
Mm, mm. Mm, mm.

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