Paroles Destroy All Monsters de American Werewolves

American Werewolves
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  • Artiste: American Werewolves20432
  • Chanson: Destroy All Monsters
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Textes et Paroles de Destroy All Monsters

destroy all monsters
i know it hurts inside
destroy all monsters
what better way to die
destroy all monsters
you know you got to let it go

destroy all monsters
don't you look away
destroy all monsters
this is our only way
destroy all monsters
you know you got to let it go

and i know it must hurt
to walk around this grave yard earth
and you know you've got to let it go
you know (know) you know (know)
you know

i have found a better way to die
so grab my arms and hold on to me tight
destroy all monsters
you know you got to let it go

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