Paroles Careless de Amos Lee

Amos Lee
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  • Chanson: Careless
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Textes et Paroles de Careless

You speak of love
But you ain't no lover
You were a friend
More like a brother

As the miles pass beneath me
The sounds made so sweetly came to an end
And no man can deny her but now you're a liar
And you've no room left to defend

When I left
I should have known better
Of the kind of man that you are
You'd have to get her

And I know you got a lot of pain
That's born inside you
But instead of growing stronger
You let it divide you, oh

How could you be so careless
How could you be so careless

And the waves that are crashing
True lives of passion washing on your shore
Yes Sir, life has been costing
A true love's been lost
And I can't get back anymore

And I'm sure
That we both still both love her
And it's a shame we both lost her
And in time lost each other

But a trust has been broken
And words have been spoken
But you can mend
And no man can deny her
And as you laid beside her
I hope it felt good my friend

How could you be so careless
How could you be so careless
How could you be so careless with her heart

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