Paroles On My Way de An Angle

An Angle
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  • Artiste: An Angle20470
  • Chanson: On My Way
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Textes et Paroles de On My Way

We're looking underneath the soil
past the leaves the trees and the tombstones
you've gotta tell me what man will i become
you think I'll be that man that old man

you're thought too young to have a stone
you father, I've never seen him cry like that before
just sit down dont you wait up, we're right behind
sometimes you just don't know well how much time is on your side

cause then im on my way
yes, im on my way
cause then im on my way
out of here with you.

the woman I love more than the sun
you make me drink water like I drink wine
we all need a change of taste
I'm old and I forgot my good grace

want me to buy that old dog
four corners down into that water
because i dont need no silver to make me shine
im so happy with you honey that if i die i guess i die

because then im on my way
yes, im on my way
becasue then im on my way
out of here, with you
with you, with you.

im on my way (with you) [x9]

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