Paroles Lives de Analog

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  • Artiste: Analog43618
  • Chanson: Lives
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Textes et Paroles de Lives

Muzyka i s³owa: youme

Someone gave me hands and gave me clever eyes, why he did it?
Why first time I'm victim secondly I'm ugly executioner?

Later even Hiob with thousand questions in my head, I am
Another time I'm born as a willow tree with arms that make you more safe.

First life I've got but I don't know how
To use it to last, to exist
First life I've got but I don't know how
To use it to last to exist

There is something more in our life than will to last, I know that.
Now I'm sure that someone fix, control and plan everyone's fate all around.

Second life I've got and already know
How use it to last to exist
But that existence is not enough for me
I wanna became human being

My live will be continued...

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