Paroles Bend The Head… Because You Will Be Beheaded de Ancient Necropsy

Ancient Necropsy
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  • Artiste: Ancient Necropsy43728
  • Chanson: Bend The Head… Because You Will Be Beheaded
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Textes et Paroles de Bend The Head… Because You Will Be Beheaded

Oh right impostor... tonight you will pay. This will be the price for deserting from our lands, from betraying the magnificent kings. You will be humbled in front of thousands of people, oh yes!! now is the time to transport you to the altar of sacrifices... the executioner prepares the guillotine... bend your head... because you will be decapitated, the sharp edge from the blade shines with the torch lights, "let the blade fall" screams the furious king... the executioner yields at their voices... the head rolls over the boards... the hateful people incinerate the rest of the body... and hang his bones like a trophy... a king stands up to see who will be the next

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