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Angels & Agony
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  • Chanson: Rites Of Passage
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Textes et Paroles de Rites Of Passage

on this day, this time of passage
I need to make my statement now
where I'll go is still uncertain
to what I've left I can't return

this moment's lost, gone forever
I need to listen to this voice
whispering from deep inside me
telling things I fear to hear:

as a rite of passage
you want to turn away
from everything you have created
in this world when you felt so unknown
you blame the sun for all her light
that ever fell your way
you push everything away
and claim that you're alone
and now you say you feel alone
and now your heart has turned to stone

on this day, this time of passage
I've forgotten what is true
neglecting these feelings of compassion
only believing what I see

I want to break these bonds around me
stand alone untouched by none
still I hear this voice behind me
re-defining who I am

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