Paroles Sour Born (Driving Wheel) de Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat
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  • Artiste: Angkor Wat5414
  • Chanson: Sour Born (Driving Wheel)
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Textes et Paroles de Sour Born (Driving Wheel)

In between worlds of white and black
Lies a world of gray
Beneath the sour born showering down
It's time on me
A thin sharp slice of dime
Pushed gently into my heart
Time after time after time after time after time
Standing vacant behind myself
Looking through empty eyes
Icy cold black fullness in my bowels
Aching for release
Splash upon the pavement
For the consumption of humanity
My soul my humility
Your only bread
Something inborn in me that will not leave
Standing vacant behind myself
Looking through empty eyes
And he was a betrayer he was a betrayer
And he was a fool he was a fool
And she was a bitch she was a bitch
And he came to stand for you
I lay with you
I crept inside you
I became night with you
We were empty we became full
We were empty we became full
Driving wheel big black diamond back
69 wire burns Cosmo shoulder
Red hot wire pierce smooth white bone-holder
Smoky cold shadows of those not there
Cast upon cold stone wall
Broken down by devil stare
Driven beyond threshold of mortal dare
Seminal fluid life like man
Driving the life of a dead white man
Driving, driving, driving
Teased to sublime defeat
Feast upon horrid rancid spirit meat
You dirt drive, septic seven thigh
Shallow, yellow, stabbed nine high
Sickly, evil, pathetically cracked black blind

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