Paroles Counting de Anne Heaton

Anne Heaton
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  • Artiste: Anne Heaton20599
  • Chanson: Counting
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Textes et Paroles de Counting

If we make it
I know you'll walk away
Happy that you got the prize
With that look in your eyes

You'll be counting, counting, counting,
Yeah you'll be counting

You know I had a boyfriend
For seven long years
You do the math from when you think I started
How many has it been?

If I tell you that I liked it
Did I lie about our sex?
You know I tell the truth only half the time
Or maybe forty-five percent

Yeah you'll be counting, counting, counting,
You'll be counting
Did she like it, like it, like it?
You'll be counting

If I tried to hurt you
I'd wanna know how much it did
Just how much money would it cost
To repair the pain I inflict?

Tears are like snowflakes
I want to catch yours in my hand
Study each one and rank its beauty
On a scale from one to ten

I'll be counting, counting, counting
I'll be counting
Did it hurt you, hurt you, hurt you?
I'll be counting

We'll be counting, counting, counting,
We'll be counting

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