Paroles In Love With Suicide de Antim Grahan

Antim Grahan
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  • Artiste: Antim Grahan44525
  • Chanson: In Love With Suicide
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Textes et Paroles de In Love With Suicide

Beyond the veil lies she
Never fear of life
I'm going to eternal land
Where she awaits for me
The witch of my heart
Oh how i long to see thee

I dream this
Take me to your embrace
For now like want for all
Was being me in thy curse
My vengeance so strong
I cannot be distort
What do come back to
So i cry to you come back to me now again
What i wanted is just what all my pain and
From here where i go without you
I know this life was not made for me
But what i do to be with you

Forever bless this earth with dark

Why we entered the darkness but to satisfy thy heart
Oh my last breath you tell me where do thou stand in this cold
Is it on that yonder hill
Or just at end of dawn
Take my hand and we'll go through
Let my burning soul heat you
Why can't you see that
I prayed these burns to me

I'll teach even god
To swallow pain and gloom
Hark listen, no time to see what i ever lied

Remember my motive
You know
I'm in love with suicide

In love, in love, I'm in love with suicide
In love with suicide, you know that I'm in love
In love with suicide, can't you see I'm in love
Why can't you my beloved, I'm inside in your heart
Suicide, suicide, I'm in love with suicide
Suicide, suicide, I'm in love with suicide

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