Paroles Black Or White de Anvil

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  • Artiste: Anvil5504
  • Chanson: Black Or White
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Textes et Paroles de Black Or White

Living in opposition, drawing lines in the sand
We all have a point of view in the freedom of our land
If it's not your colour it's the thoughts within your head
Living in fear and ignorance is how lies are spread

More and more I see it, people dying from gunplay
Horrible acts of violence permeate the world today
We look to blame each other for the colour of our skin
Blinded by propoganda, where did this all begin?

Black or white, black or white
Who is wrong, who is right
Black or white, black or white
Never wrong, never right

When will this conflict subside?
When our hatred has died
When will we learn to get along?
When we learn to differ right from wrong

Living with each other, no more line in the sand
Shedding all the lies and myths, wash the blood from our hands
If it's not your colour it's the thoughts within your mind
Parents teach your children, it's the only hope for mankind

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