Paroles Silent Years de Apathemy

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  • Artiste: Apathemy44555
  • Chanson: Silent Years
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Textes et Paroles de Silent Years

Picking up the pieces of silent years
Expectations of winter arise
Absent thoughts of steps and sights
Dried tears tell a story of blackened skies, of blackened visions
Open wounds cry for attention
Hands bound, eyes clenched as we try to maintain life
Stepping on the cracks of common ground
Trees burn in the memory of the fall
The silhouette of your shadow brings my death
Poison the voice that speaks your name
Fermented blood stains the tiles, and we wash our soiled hands
Aching the words buried under the soil that only cry to die
Expressions of seasons gone to waste
Tides of envy wash away craving for closure when you won't hear my words
Silent years of trying to forget your name
Silent years... and you to blame
Walking into my own demise

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