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Apathy & Celph Titled
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  • Chanson: Maybe
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Textes et Paroles de Maybe

(VERSE 1 - Ap)
Pardon me miss, you mind if we conversate for a minute. (no)
You're not the type to cut me off before that I'm finished (no)
You look sophisticated am I wrong to say that (no)
Would I be assuming too much to think you're laid back. (no)
I don't wanna waste your time or even waste mine.
So im sayin are you datin smoking for a taking? (no)
You meet a lot of guys who give you genuine respect? (no)
You ever have somebody stimulate your intellect? (no)
You ever met a man that could truly understand what you want focus motivation sticks to the plan? (no)
I didn't think so… Well have you given up hope? (no)
Well that's dope, you don't hang around hoes? (no)
Well you never know… Did I offend you with that question? (no)
Good you're not the type of chick to misdirect a question.
It's cool that we're talkin' I thought I'd let you know
That I think you look amazing but I'll let you go. (no)
(VERSE 2 - Ap)
You're probably the type that would drive me insane. (maybe)
The type that would infect my brain. (maybe)
The type I would wife want to spend my life and fucks me up at night right (maybe)
A chick who'll be forever my lady (maybe)
A chick who never trick or try to play me (maybe)
Well I hope that you playin cause mah I'm sayin you playin right? (maybe)
You think that I could lock it down? (maybe)
You think that I could knock it down? (maybe)
Well there's nothing I wouldn't do to smash it with you but I have to wait a while true? (maybe)
(VERSE 3 - Ap)
I think I finally found the right one (yeah?)
I'll let you know before the nights done (yeah?)
Not just on some hit it type shit but I admit it might click
Your jeans fitted look exquisite type thick.
Are you the kind that's confident but sweet? (yeah)
Respectable but with your man you a freak? (yeah)
Go to clubs but know how to behave? (yeah)
Like to be locked down but not a slave? (yeah)
Sophisticated educated just not stuck up
The type of chick that won't flip and get it all fucked up (yeah)
A woman that's independent who can handle her bizz
A hip-hop fan who knows who Gang Starr is (hell yeah)
The girl of my dreams or so it seems not just after the green or the material things (yeah)
A chick who never flip poppin off at the mouth (yeah)
The kind of woman that I would write a song about (yeah)

(Thanks to Blake for these lyrics)

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